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Welcome to American Historic Coins & Collectibles, where we celebrate and preserve the intricate history encapsulated within coins and precious metal bullion.

Our commitment to authenticity and transparency is fortified by cutting-edge technology, specifically the Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton XL2 used for XRF analysis. This state-of-the-art device enables us to delve into the elemental composition of artifacts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding that enriches our collection and provides invaluable insights for collectors and enthusiasts.

The Niton XL2 stands as a cornerstone in our authentication process, boasting the capability to verify a myriad of metals with unparalleled precision. From gold and silver to platinum, palladium, and various base metals like copper and nickel, this device ensures a meticulous examination of the composition of each numismatic item. Gold coins and bullion are scrutinized for purity, silver artifacts for historical contexts, and platinum and palladium for authenticity.


One primary advantage of XRF analysis, facilitated by the Niton XL2, is its speed and efficiency. This non-destructive technique delivers quick results without compromising the integrity of the artifacts, preserving their pristine condition for collectors and enthusiasts alike. The instant elemental data obtained enables us to make informed decisions about the origin, authenticity, and historical significance of each piece, ultimately enhancing the overall value of our collection.


Accuracy is paramount in the world of numismatics, and the Niton XL2 excels in this regard by pinpointing the exact composition of metals within coins and bullion. This not only safeguards our collection against counterfeit items but also instills confidence in our clientele, assuring them that they are acquiring genuine artifacts with tangible historical value.


Moreover, XRF analysis aids in preservation efforts by identifying potential issues like corrosion or metal degradation, allowing for targeted restoration efforts. Understanding the elemental makeup of our artifacts empowers us to implement appropriate conservation strategies, ensuring the longevity of these historical treasures for future generations.


The Niton XL2's capability to verify a wide range of metals, combined with the speed, accuracy, and preservation benefits of XRF analysis, positions American Historic Coins & Collectibles at the forefront of preserving and showcasing the enduring legacy of American history through its diverse and authentic numismatic collection.

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